Strategic Framework for Tourism in B.C.

Welcoming Visitors - Benefiting Locals - Working Together

The 2019-2021 tourism strategic framework sets out a clear vision for a prosperous and sustainable tourism sector, in a way that distributes benefits to people throughout the province.

As more and more people around the world have the means and the time to travel in the coming years, B.C. must balance visitor demand and protect the experiences and natural assets we value, while using tourism to nurture relationships and improve our quality of life. 

Creating a strong, sustainable tourism sector that benefits all British Columbians is the vision of the three-year plan: 

Welcoming Visitors - Benefiting Locals - Working Together:
A Strategic Framework for Tourism in British Columbia 2019 – 2021


Sustainable tourism growth is a commitment this government is making to British Columbians, local businesses and communities, as well as to visitors. 

This strategic framework sets out a clear direction to foster year-round tourism growth and provide world-class tourism experiences while preserving and protecting our natural environment. The framework will guide and manage tourism growth, preserve our environment and celebrate Indigenous culture, while inspiring travellers to visit all regions of the province.

Strategic Framework Highlights

Download a copy of the Strategic Framework at a Glance

Supporting People and Communities

Improving the quality of life and increasing support and celebration of Indigenous cultures through tourism

Key Priorities:

  • A strong and diverse tourism workforce
  • Support for communities
  • Reconciliation through tourism
  • Make tourism more inclusive and accessible

Sustainably Growing the Visitor Economy

Sustainably growing the visitor economy through innovative marketing and destination and community development

Key Priorities:

  • Build a better and sustainable tourism destination
  • Drive demand to ensure B.C. remains a top travel destination

Respecting Nature and the Environment

Strategically guiding and managing tourism growth while preserving B.C.’s natural spaces

Key Priorities:

  • Sustaining Super, Natural British Columbia®
  • Support tourism viability in B.C.’s natural spaces

Measuring Progress

We have set a target of six percent annual growth in tourism revenue across the province. This is growth that is well-managed and ensures we are meeting the needs and expectations of both visitors and British Columbians.

Other key indicators include:

  • Total tourism revenue 
  • Tourism employment growth
  • Average tourism related wage growth
  • Number and type of tourism businesses
  • Investments in arts, culture, and sport, events and festivals
  • Investments in recreation and parks
  • Visitor perception of B.C. as a travel destination

British Columbia strives to be a leader of responsible, sustainable tourism growth and development, working in a coordinated way to support and strengthen the B.C. tourism industry.

Working Together

The development of this strategic framework has benefited from the input and advice of many key partners. We will continue to work with the Minister's Tourism Engagement Council and build on our strong partnerships with Indigenous peoples, communities, sector associations, businesses, destination marketers, and our cross-government partners to advance our shared objectives for sustainable visitor economy.