2015 Budget tax changes

On February 16, 2015, the government announced proposed changes to the provincial tax laws.

Read a summary explanation of all the tax changes in the Budget and Fiscal Plan.

Changes were introduced for:

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Consumer taxes

Motor fuel tax

New documentation requirements and tax application for sales of coloured fuel

Provincial sales tax

New exemption for lift chairs

Goods used In B.C. to improve real property outside B.C.

Maximum rate of municipal and regional district tax increased

Tobacco tax

Security scheme clarified for tobacco brought or sent into B.C.

 Income taxes

Corporate income tax

Digital animation or visual effects tax credit expanded

Digital animation or visual effects production services tax credit expanded

Interactive digital media tax credit extended

Training tax credit program extended

Personal income tax

B.C. Education coaching tax credit introduced

B.C. Mining flow-through share tax credit extended

B.C. Tax reduction credit increased

Child fitness equipment credit introduced

Training tax credit program extended

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