Speculation and vacancy tax assessments

When we determine you owe an amount under the speculation and vacancy tax, we send you a notice detailing the amount owing and how to pay it. This may happen as a result of your declaration or from an audit. If you received a Notice of Assessment for the speculation and vacancy tax and believe an error was made you have several options to get help.

On this page:

  1. Check and update your declaration
  2. Apply for a tax credit
  3. Contact us for help
  4. Appeal to the minister
  5. Reminders by text or phone

1. Check and update your declaration

If you haven’t declared yet, complete your declaration, even if it’s past the March 31st deadline. Completing the declaration may eliminate the assessment or reduce your tax rate. Late declarations are only accepted until December 31 of the 3rd year after the calendar year you are declaring for. Interest may apply to assessments of late declarations.

If you have already declared, review your declaration to ensure you submitted the correct information. To review or correct your declaration, see Correct your declaration. Note that all exemption claims made under the Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act are subject to audit and compliance review by the ministry.

2. Apply for a tax credit

If you owe tax and you’re a member of a satellite family or you’re not a B.C. resident, see if you’re eligible for a tax credit. If you are, apply for the credit. This may further reduce or eliminate any tax owing. If you’re a B.C. resident, the tax credit amount would have been automatically applied on your Notice of Assessment.

3. Contact us for help

Call us if you’re unsure about why you were assessed the tax. We may be able to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Provide further information on any exemptions or tax credits that may be available to you
  • Help resolve your concerns

If we are unable to resolve your concerns and you decide not to appeal your assessment, see below.

Note: Contacting us does not start the appeal process or extend the deadline to file your appeal.

4. Appeal to the minister

If you have taken the above steps and believe that the tax was applied incorrectly in your circumstance, you may be able to appeal to the minister.

Find out how and when to appeal your assessment (strict deadlines apply).

Note: Tax is due on the first business day in July and filing an appeal to the minister does not extend the payment due date.

Pay your assessment

Find out how to pay your assessment.

To make payment arrangements for overdue balances, contact the Receivables Management Office at 1-866-566-3066 or RMBTaxpayerInquiries@gov.bc.ca.

If you don't pay your balance, collection actions may include:

  • Notifying the Canada Revenue Agency to set aside money owing to you
  • Registering a lien against your property or personal belongings
  • Requiring your employer to deduct money from your pay cheque
  • Issuing a demand notice to your bank, credit union or trust company to pay money from your account
  • Seizing your personal belongings

5. Reminders by text or phone

We may contact you by text or phone if you:

  • haven't declared, or
  • have an overdue balance and haven't made payment arrangements

Our texts and calls will come from 778-600-0723 or 778-600-0725.

We will never ask you to send personal or financial information by text or email. 

This information is provided for your convenience and guidance and is not a replacement for the legislation