Apply for Wholesale Dealer Permits

If you sell or plan to sell tobacco products at wholesale in B.C., you must hold a valid wholesale dealer's permit.

If you sell or plan to sell only cigars and no other tobacco products, you must hold a valid cigar wholesale dealer's permit.

To apply for a permit:

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Appointment as a Wholesale Dealer or Cigar Wholesale Dealer (FIN 394) (PDF).
  2. When you submit the form, you must provide the following:
    • a business plan (sales forecast, accounting system, secure storage and federal registration information)
    • documentation from suppliers showing that a business relationship is established
    • your Articles of Incorporation
    • an original copy of a criminal records check 

Bond Deposit

New wholesale dealers may be required to post a bond prior to receiving authorization.

If you’re required to post a bond, this will be a condition of obtaining your permit. The amount of the bond will depend on your permit requirement. The maximum bond amount may be an amount equal to six times the tax that would normally be collected by you each month.

For details on registration and your responsibilities as a tobacco wholesaler, see the bulletin Wholesale Dealers, Security Payments, Exemptions and Refunds (TTA 004) (PDF).