Report & Pay Tobacco Tax Through Your Bank

If you have filed your tax return using eTaxBC or by mail or courier, you can pay your taxes using banking services. There are two ways to pay through your bank or financial institution:

  1. Bill payment service
  2. Electronic funds transfer

 Bill Payment Service

Most banks and financial institutions offer bill payment services for their clients. Bill payment services can generally be accessed through your online banking account, an automated teller machine (ATM), telephone banking or in person with a teller.

To pay your taxes using a bill payment service you need to add a payee for Tobacco Tax to your bank account. To add a new payee to your bank account you need to know our payee name and your account number.

Payee Name

You should be able to find us listed with your bank under "BC - TOBACCO TAX".

Note: some banks and financial institutions will use a variation of the payee names above. If you can't find us, call your bank for assistance.

Account Number

You should find your account number listed on your last paper return. If you don't have your last paper return, contact us.

 Electronic Funds Transfer

If you aren't able to pay using bill payment services you may be able to make an electronic funds transfer. Service charges may apply.

Contact us to set up an electronic funds transfer account.