B.C. Tobacco Wholesalers

Retail tobacco dealers must purchase tobacco from a registered wholesale dealer. You can review this list to see if your wholesaler is registered.

Your wholesaler may not be on this list. If not, you can also confirm your wholesaler’s registration by calling us at 250 387-9115 (in Victoria) or by emailing TobaccoTax@gov.bc.ca.

Tobacco Wholesalers Registered in B.C.
B.C. Tobacco Wholesalers Contact number Registered for
10281735 Canada Inc. dba Tobacco Vault 289 582-9900 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Brigham Enterprises Inc. 416 762-7278 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Buy-Low Foods Limited Partnership 604 888-1121 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
Copperside Foods Ltd. 250 638-0366 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
Core-Mark International Inc. 604 430-2181 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. 613 221-2000 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Direct Value Wholesale 1 866 493-7555 Cigars, Other*
Distribution G.V.A. Inc. 450 629-6660 Cigars, Other*
First China Tobacco Company Limited  604 253-6399 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other* 
Goodfellas Cigar Shop Ltd. 250 744-2772 Cigars, Other*
Imperial Tobacco Company Limited 1 800 818-2771 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Kretek International, Inc. 905 625-1169 or
1 866 286-8585
Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
KDK Distributors 403 285-1697 Cigars, Other*
Morton Clarke & Co. Ltd. 604 273-1055 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
National Smokeless Tobacco Co. 514 697-8687 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
North Shore Tobacco Canada Inc. 519 428-3332 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
Primero Cigar Imports Ltd. 1 888 853-3888 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. 416 442-3687 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Shoppers Wholesale Food Co. 250 562-6655 Cigarettes, Cigars, Black stock, Other*
Sobeys Capital Incorporated 902 752-8371 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*
Spike Marks Inc. 514 737-0066 Ext. 232 Cigars, Other*
Zoe International dba HBI Canada 1 866 420-4372 Cigarettes, Cigars, Other*

  *Other includes pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and raw leaf tobacco.