Apply for a Fuel Tax Refund for Persons with Disabilities

Once you register for the fuel tax refund program for persons with disabilities and receive your confirmation letter, you can apply for a refund. You’re eligible to get up to $500 back each calendar year for the provincial motor fuel tax you paid when fueling your vehicle in B.C. The refund amount cannot be transferred to the next calendar year.


You can apply for a fuel tax refund for only one vehicle (the vehicle you registered with the program). We recommend you apply for a refund once each year as long as you’re requesting a refund for $10 or more (the minimum amount we can refund).

To apply for a fuel tax refund, complete the Refund of Provincial Fuel Tax for Persons with Disabilities form (FIN 472) (PDF) and mail it to us along with your original fuel receipts.

Time Limits

We must receive your refund application within four years of the date you paid the fuel tax.

For example, if you paid the fuel tax on April 10, 2015, we must receive your refund application by April 10, 2019. Any fuel receipts dated more than four years from the date we receive your application are not eligible.

Fuel Receipts

You must include your original fuel receipts with your refund application. Your receipts must show:

  1. The date you purchased the fuel
  2. The type of fuel you purchased
  3. How many litres of fuel you purchased
  4. The fuel seller's name and address

We don’t accept pre-authorized or prepaid fuel receipts as these receipts don’t show the number of litres or type of fuel purchased.

One-time Exception to Fuel Receipts

If you didn't keep your fuel receipts before you got your confirmation letter, we may accept other forms of proof. This is a one-time only exception and is only for fuel purchases made between the date you qualified for the program (the effective date stated in your letter) and the date of your confirmation letter.

The other forms of proof we may accept are:

  • Your credit card or debit card statements showing the fuel you purchased in B.C.
  • Your account statements showing the fuel you purchased in B.C.
  • A notarized statement for each calendar year you’re claiming that includes:
    • how many litres of fuel you purchased
    • the type of fuel you purchased (gas, diesel or propane)
    • the location in B.C. where you purchased the fuel
    • an explanation of how you determined how much fuel you used

Refund Application Review

We routinely review refund applications to verify the amount of tax you paid. As part of this review, we may request additional information from you. For example, if multiple credit cards were used to purchase fuel within a short period of time, we may ask you to provide proof that each of those credit cards are issued in your name. If we're unable to verify the amount of tax you paid, your refund amount may be reduced.