Alternative Energy Power Projects Exemptions

Alternative energy power projects include eligible hydroelectric power projects and wind power projects 

Hydroelectric Power Projects

Eligible hydroelectric power projects may receive an exemption from school tax on specified improvements used in power production. This exemption does not apply to property taxes other than school tax. If you believe your project qualifies for the exemption, contact BC Assessment.

Claim a refund

Eligible hydroelectric power producers have a three-year window after January 1 of the first year in which they received the school tax exemption to apply for a refund of school taxes paid on eligible improvements.

To apply for a refund, send a letter to the Minister of Finance requesting the refund and providing:

  • the name of the power project
  • the name of the owner of the project
  • the folio number or property identification number for the property

Email your letter to or mail it to us at:

Property Taxation Branch
Taxation Operations

Wind Power Projects

Wind power projects use the wind to generate electricity. Eligible wind power projects receive an exemption from school tax for the towers that support the wind turbines as well as the foundations for those towers.  

This exemption does not apply to property taxes other than school tax. The exemption is automatically provided by BC Assessment.