Penalties from oil and gas reporting errors

Facility operators, royalty taxpayers and oil purchasers from reporting facilities may be subject to penalties and interest if they do not meet their reporting requirements.

 Penalties are based on the following:

  • $500 for each calendar month a person does not file complete information by the date required and in the form and manner required. This includes submissions required due to a change in infrastructure or disposition information. These penalties may be applied every month until the data that created the error message is completed or corrected.

  • $100 for each data discrepancy in the information submitted that is not corrected by the due date of the information. These penalties may be:

    • issued one time only for the production month the reporting error occurred, or

    • issued on a recurring basis every month after the penalty is first invoiced until the reporting error for the production month is corrected. 

Gas sale invoices and purchase errors reported through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources are subject to a penalty of $500 per month, per instance.

Learn more about the Petrinex reporting errors that can lead to penalties. Correcting an error before the deadline can prevent penalties.

Penalties may also apply if you do not comply with validation or audit requests for information.

There is no maximum penalty amount for recurring penalties.

Note: Penalties for reporting errors in production periods prior to the introduction of Petrinex have different penalty rules. Learn about penalties on production periods before October 2018.

Penalty billing

Penalty assessments are billed on or about the 23rd day of the calendar month, two months following production, and are due on the last day of the month the invoice is issued.

Your PDF invoice will be delivered to eTaxBC. You can also find your PDF invoices and CSV file invoices in the Ministry Invoice & Statements section of the Petrinex website. 

Compound interest is calculated on unpaid penalties from their due date.