Penalties on oil and gas production periods before October 2018

New penalty rules were introduced effective November 1, 2018. However, they do not apply to producing months before October 2018. The penalties described on this page apply to amendments to producing months before October 2018.

If the following reports are filed after the due date, the operator or producer responsible for filing the report will be charged:

$20 per day to a maximum of $6,000:

  • BC-S1, Monthly Production Statement
  • BC-S2, Monthly Disposition Statement
  • BC-08, Natural Gas and By-Product Producer Allocations Report
  • BC-09, Monthly Oil Sales Statement
  • BC-11, Notice of Commencement or Suspension of Operations
  • BC-12, Reporting Interest Statement (if one or more interests in oil or natural gas production are reported)
  • BC-15, Petroleum and Natural Gas Remittance
  • Producer price - Natural gas sales invoices and purchases and sales of gathering, processing and transportation services

$100 per month up to a maximum of $6,000:

  • BC-12, Reporting Interest Statement (if no interests in oil production are reported)
  • BC-35, Crude Oil and Condensate Monthly Pipeline Statement
  • BC-36, Monthly Treating Plant Statement
  • BC-51, Net Profit Monthly Allowable Costs