Amending prior oil and gas production periods

For producing months before October 2018, oil and natural gas operators and producers were required to file monthly reports directly with us about production, allocations and balances, and sales.

These reports were necessary to calculate the amount of royalties or taxes due. You have up to 72 months to amend information or reports for an oil or gas producing month. 

For producing months before October 2018, amendments must be submitted using amendment forms. They cannot be filed through Petrinex. For producing months after October 2018, submit your amendments through Petrinex. 

If you did not originally file information or report for a producing month before October 2018, but should have, use the amendment forms to file the information or return. 

You may have to pay penalties and interest if the amendment increases your royalty due or if you did not file a report that was required. 

We may validate or audit amendments up to 84 months from the production period.


If an amendment results in a change in royalty, the change will be reflected on your next monthly invoice. There will be one row for the reversal/revision and one row for the new entry. Interest may apply.

Available non-refundable credits will impact the amount you will pay and the amount of interest that is charged to you.

Your PDF invoice will be delivered to eTaxBC. You can also find your PDF invoices and CSV file invoices in the Ministry Invoice & Statements section of the Petrinex website. 

Books and records

You must keep copies of your records (accounting records, invoices, contracts and agreements, schematics and flow diagrams and volumetrics, etc.) for audit purposes for at least 7 years (84 months) in case we ask you to produce them.

After 84 months, you must have written permission from us before you dispose of any records.

No longer reporting information?

If you were an operator or producer who filed reports necessary to calculate the amount of royalties or taxes due, but are not reporting information through Petrinex, the collector may still issue you an invoice. The invoice may be a result of an amendment you submitted for a prior period or some other reason, such as an audit.

If you are not registered with a Business Associate identification number in Petrinex, we will issue you an invoice and deliver it to you through eTaxBC. If you don’t have an eTaxBC account, we will provide you with information on how to register when the invoice is ready to be issued.