New royalty taxpayers and facility operators

If you are a new oil and gas royalty taxpayer or facility operator, the information on this page can help you get started.

Getting started

Obtain your right to explore for oil and gas

Before you can explore for oil and natural gas, you need to acquire oil and natural gas rights from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR). EMPR is responsible for the Petroleum or Natural Gas Tenure, as well as Royalty Programs.

Obtain approval to drill a well or build a facility

Once you have acquired the provincial tenure agreements or rights to explore for or produce petroleum and natural gas resources, you must obtain approval from the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) to carry out work. 

The OGC provides regulatory oversight of oil and gas operations, including exploration, development, pipeline transportation and reclamation. 

Each oil and gas activity, such as drilling a well or building a facility, must be approved by the OGC. This operational data is submitted directly through the OGC's eSubmission process, including the creation of new completion events. 

Obtain your business associate ID with Petrinex

Most reporting will be made through Petrinex, an internet-based, joint strategic database supporting Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry represented by both Government and Industry. Petrinex enables you to directly input and retrieve most royalty related information. 

You will need to register for access to the Petrinex system by following the process on the Access to Petrinex website. 

Training modules are available on the Petrinex website under Learning Centre.

Get connected with the Ministry of Finance through Petrinex

Once you have access to Petrinex, the next steps will depend on the type of facility you are operating. 

Information you provide in Petrinex, such as your production and allocation reports and your application for a Producer Cost of Service or Gas Cost Allowance is shared with the Ministry of Finance.

We, the Ministry of Finance, use the information you submit to Petrinex to set you up as a royalty taxpayer. Once you are set up, we will assign you a royalty analyst who is your main point of contact with us. 

Running your business

When you’re producing, you must report information in Petrinex on a monthly basis. Producers must also report natural gas sales and cost of service information to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR). We use the information you submit to Petrinex and EMPR to calculate and assess your royalties. 

It is important to submit your information by the reporting deadline, which differs by product and activity, to avoid a penalty or deemed royalty.

Once you are assessed, your invoice will be available in Petrinex and your eTaxBC account. There are many different kinds of invoices depending on the type of account(s) you have. Be sure to pay your invoices on time to avoid interest charges. 

Get help

The oil and natural gas industry life cycle involves many different parts. If you need assistance, the information below can help you find the right contact. 

I have a question about:

For questions about these topics:

  • Crown invoice
  • OGC Levy and Orphan Site Restoration Tax invoice
  • Deemed royalty invoice
  • Application of penalty and interest
  • Statement of account
  • General payment options
  • Amending a period prior to Petrinex
  • Refund requests
  • Transferring balances from one account to another
  • Estimate account retirement
  • Request for reconsideration
  • GCA and PCOS information
  • Audit and validation
  • Invoice formats and specifications for accounting software

Contact the Ministry of Finance:

Call or email your Royalty Analyst or
Call 1-800-667-1182 (Toll free)
Email Oil&


For questions about eTaxBC:

Read the eTaxBC Help Guide, or

Contact eTaxBC at:

Toll free 1-877-388-4440

For questions about these topics:

  • Petrinex access, including password
  • Petrinex outages
  • Reporting calendar and deadlines
  • Data submissions and edits
  • Error messages and reports
  • Data conversion issues
  • Petrinex training modules
  • Error message reports
  • Petrinex mailboxes and communications

Contact the Petrinex Business Desk

For questions about these topics:

  • How to enter actual natural gas sales and cost of service information into the web-based pricing system
  • The natural gas reference price
  • The web-based pricing system
  • Infrastructure royalty credit programs

Contact the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR):

EMPR Policy:

Phone: 778-698-3674

Natural Gas Price Reporting:

Phone: 778-698-7100

For questions about these topics:

OGC Systems

  • Missing infrastructure information, e.g. licences and well events
  • Petrinex Primary USA password changes for B.C. BAs
  • Data exchange issues between OGC and Petrinex

OGC Reservoir Engineering

  • Creation of a completion event or changes to existing completion events
  • Changing the status of a well or completion event
  • Changing a UWI
  • Completion and reservoir data reporting through eSubmission
  • General well-related queries

OGC Facilities Engineering

  • Linkage replacement process through Petrinex

OGC Permit Operations and Administration

  • Information regarding new BA (company) applications, name changes and amalgamations

Contact the BC Oil and Gas Commission Service Desk: