Online Instructions for the BC-15

You can submit the BC-15, Petroleum & Natural Gas Remittance Advice, online from the 19th to the last day of each month.

Before you can file your online BC-15:

  • you need a username and password
  • your company must also submit a completed paper form the first time you file a BC-15 online

There are two types of user accounts:

  • Primary User
    Each company can have one primary user account that is the chief contact. This account type has access to all of the screens.
  • Secondary User
    All other users for your company have a secondary user account that can only access REN details.

If you need to request a new username and password or change your primary user, contact us.

Filing Instructions

There are four screens that can be completed when you submit your BC-15 online:

  1. Contact Screen
  2. REN Details Screen (with data)
  3. REN Details Screen (blank)
  4. Account Totals Screen

Contact Screen

  • Enter the full name of the person completing the form
  • Enter the phone number of the person completing the form (ten digits, no dashes, brackets or spaces, i.e. 4039999999)
  • Enter the Client Code of the company for which the form is being completed
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter the name of the company who will issue the cheque
  • Click "Submit" to move to the REN Details Screen

REN Details Screen (with data)

Data on the BC-15 form has been downloaded from the royalty database for all REN/Periods where the balance is not equal to zero.

  • The Check to Accept flag defaults to "accept". If you wish to ignore any of the REN/Period balances, click on the checkbox to remove it. Any REN/Periods not accepted will not be included in the BC-15 total.
  • In the Balance column you will see the balance loaded from the royalty system. If you agree with this balance and wish to make a payment or take back the credit, do nothing with this record. If you disagree with the balance, you may enter a different figure in the Payment column (leave the acceptance flag checked).
  • Click "Submit screen." All balances that have been accepted will transfer into the Payment column and totals will be added at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • For further changes to the information, click "Redo screen", make the changes and then click "Submit screen." This step can be completed as many times as necessary. Finally, click "Rest of BC-15" to move to the next screen.

REN Details Screen (blank)

This screen works exactly as the previous screen; however, this one is blank. Use this screen to make a payment or take back credits for any REN/Period that the royalty system has not displayed on the previous screen.

  • To move to the Totals screen, you must submit this screen, even if you have left it blank.
  • Once you have finished with this screen, click "Rest of BC-15" to move to the Totals screen.

Account Totals Screen

REN/Period detail amounts have been totalled and are displayed, together with any penalty, interest, assessment, estimate, and Cash Suspense balances.

  • Enter the amount to increase or decrease the estimate account
  • Amounts credited to your client code for the summer drilling credit program and road credit program accounts will be displayed on this screen
  • If you disagree with the values displayed in the Interest and Penalty fields, overwrite these figures with the amount you will be paying or taking back
  • Any credit in the Cash Suspense account will be automatically applied to the final total owing when you click on "Submit finished BC-15."
  • Once the form is submitted, the "Redo screen", "Create another BC-15", and "Exit" links are enabled:
    • Create another BC-15 => all the initial contact information is maintained and does not need to be re-entered
    • Exit => returns you to the Oil & Gas Royalties and Taxes ONLINE screen.