Oil & Gas Codes

When you report your oil and natural gas production and royalties, you will need reference codes for facilities, clients, pools, fields and production entities.

Find the codes you need using the search query pages below.

If your well is classified as confidential or is not completed, your search may not return the codes. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, contact the Oil and Gas Commission (OGC).

Client Identification Codes

Client identification codes are four-digit codes used to identify producers and operators in the Ministry of Finance's royalty management system and in the Oil and Gas Commission's system.

Facility Codes

Facility codes identify types of locations where oil and natural gas products are made available for sale or otherwise disposed. Each facility is assigned a unique eight-digit numeric code.

When filing your reports with the Ministry of Finance, ensure you include the reporting facility code on all reports.

Facility codes refer to a:

  • battery, oil treater
  • waste disposal facility
  • pumping station
  • waste processing facility
  • dehydrator compressor station
  • water disposal facility
  • water injection station
  • gas injection station

Facility codes are different than reporting facility codes.

Facility/Plant Linkage Codes

A facility/plant linkage code shows connections between reporting facilities and plants. Use the facility codes query or the plant codes query if you know only the facility or plant name, but not its code.

Facility Look Up By Location Codes

The facility look up by location code uses National Topographic System (NTS) or Dominion Land Survey system (DLS) legal descriptions for locations and facilities.

Facility/Unique Well Identifier Linkages

A facility/unique well identifier linkage shows connections between active reporting facilities and unique well identifiers.

Field Codes

Field (or "area") codes refer to the surface area underlaid (or appearing to be underlaid) by one or more pools, and includes the subsurface regions vertically beneath that surface area.

Plant Codes

Plant codes refer to a natural gas processing plant for the extraction of any of the following from natural gas:

  • hydrogen sulphide
  • carbon dioxide
  • natural gas liquids or by-products

They do not include a production facility.

Pool Codes

Pool (or "formation") codes refer to an underground reservoir containing an accumulation of petroleum or natural gas or both, separated (or apparently separated) from another reservoir or accumulation.

Production Entity Codes

Production Entity (PE) codes are unitized operations where there is an agreement between the Crown and producers that royalty rates will be based on production allocated to tracts, instead of production from the wells.

Unique Well Identifier

The unique well identifier (UWI) code is the standard 16-character code that defines the bottom hole location and each significant drilling or completion event in the well.

Learn what each character in the UWI code format stands for.