Thirteen Month Oli & Gas Commission Levy Adjustment

Whenever oil and natural gas producers submit an amendment to oil production or marketable gas volumes, we store the amended data in our system.

When these amendments occur, your Oil and Gas Commission Levy invoice amount is recalculated to reflect the changes on your amended reports. Any adjustments made will be reflected on your next 13-month levy adjustment invoice. Adjusted invoices are issued annually each March.

The invoice includes adjustments made to your accounts because of missing or incorrect data from:

  • the marketable gas volumes you reported on your BC-08
  • the oil production volumes you reported on your BC-S1

You can amend your BC-08 or BC-S1 submissions within 72 months from the producing month.

How the Invoice is Calculated

Your invoice amount is calculated as the difference between:

  • the production or sales volumes reported on your most current BC-08 or BC-S1 amendments, and
  • the data from your BC-08 or BC-S1 used to calculate your regular monthly levy invoice amount

The difference, if any, is then multiplied by the levy rate applied on your regular monthly invoice.

The thirteen-month adjustment invoice amount is the difference between the most current amended volume of marketable gas and the volume on your regular invoice, multiplied by the levy rate.

How to Make a Payment or Use the Adjustment Credit

Along with your invoice, you will receive an account balance summary report.

  • If there is a balance owing on your account, make a payment for the exact amount stated on your account balance summary report.
  • If your 13-month levy adjustment invoice amount is $4.99 CAD or less, you don't need to pay the invoice because we don’t collect amounts less than $5.00
  • If you have a credit of $5.00 CAD or more on your account balance summary report, contact us to apply the credit to your next invoice

If you have complex or unusual calculations, such as applying a credit from one payor against another payor’s levy balance owing, contact us to confirm your payment amount.

If you have prepaid credits on your account and your 13-month levy adjustment invoice shows an amount owing, contact us to confirm the payment.