Oil & Gas Commission Levy

Oil and natural gas producers pay an Oil and Gas Commission Levy to fund the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission (OGC), which regulates oil and natural gas activities for the benefit of British Columbians. The OGC is the permitting agency for oil and natural gas development in B.C.

The levy also helps fund industry-related research conducted by the B.C. Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS).

As an oil or natural gas producer, you must pay a monthly Oil and Gas Commission Levy and Orphan Site Reclamation Fund Tax Invoice, which includes:


Oil and Marketable Gas Levies

Oil Levy
(per cubic metre of oil production)
Marketable Gas Levy
(per 1000 cubic metres of marketable gas)


You will receive your monthly invoice (PDF) by email on the scheduled invoice date.

If you change any of your email addresses on file, contact us so we can update your information as soon as possible to ensure you receive your invoice on time.

If your payment is received after the due date, you may be charged a penalty.

If you have any questions or concerns about your invoice, contact us.