Pay Your Mineral Taxes in Monthly Instalments

You pay mineral tax in monthly instalments based on an estimate of what you’ll owe over the mine’s fiscal year. To help track your instalments, you’ll receive a monthly Instalment Reminder Letter that will report the payments you’ve made this year.

When you file your Mineral Tax Return you’ll determine your total tax owing. If you’ve underpaid, you must pay any balance owing, with interest. If you’ve overpaid, you’ll be credited interest on your excess payment.

Estimate & Pay Your Instalments

To estimate your monthly instalment payment use the following formula:

[estimated annual tax] ÷ [days in the fiscal year] x [days in the month]

Each instalment is due within 90 days of the month's end. For example, your March instalment payment is due on or before June 29.

Payments can be made: