Overdue Mineral Land Tax

If you don't pay your mineral land tax before August 1 each year, you will be charged interest on your overdue balance. While your account is overdue, you’ll receive a monthly statement of account that shows your overdue balance and interest charges.

If your taxes remain unpaid, forfeiture will occur and your freehold mineral rights will transfer back to the Crown.


If your balance remains overdue for one year, you will be charged a $50 penalty and your freehold mineral rights will be subject to forfeiture. When we begin the forfeiture process, every person listed on the account will receive a Subject to Forfeiture notice by registered mail and a copy will be published publically in the BC Gazette. The notice includes:

  • The name and address of every owner listed on the folio and registered charge holders who have an interest in the minerals
  • A description of the land
  • The amount of the assessment and unpaid mineral land tax

If you still haven’t paid your overdue taxes 90 days after the notice is published in the BC Gazette, forfeiture will occur and your freehold mineral rights will be transferred to the Crown.


In rare cases, you may be able to reverse forfeiture and reinstate a former owner. Contact us for more information.