Mine inspection fee for mineral and coal mines

You must file a return and pay the mine inspection fee twice a year for mineral and coal mines. You pay the fee for each mine you hold a permit for at the end of each reporting period.

Due date Reporting period
July 31 January - June
January 31 of the following year July - December

The fee you pay is based on your payroll. It’s $0.70 per hundred dollars of payroll. The payroll amount you determine for the period is calculated like you calculate your payroll for WorkSafeBC premiums.

If the amount calculated for your mine is less than $300, you’re not required to pay but you still need to file the return. 

You can file your return and pay your fee in one of the following ways:

submit online

Submit online using eTaxBC


Submit a printed return (PDF)

You’re charged interest on any late or unpaid balances.