B.C. Education Coaching Income Tax Credit Frequently Asked Questions

The following information will help answer your questions about the B.C. education coaching tax credit.

Do I have to be a full-time teacher in a qualifying school to be eligible for the credit?

No. You could work part-time as a teacher in a qualifying school. If you have supervised or coached students in an extracurricular activity for at least 10 unpaid hours in a year, you may claim the credit.

Can a teacher of a preschool claim the credit?

No.  A preschool is not a qualifying school, therefore a teacher working in a preschool is not eligible to claim the credit.

I am a school employee and have supervised students in extracurricular activities. Am I eligible?

It depends. To be eligible to claim the credit, you have to be a teacher, teaching assistant, principal or vice principal of a school, and your work of supervising students in extracurricular activities has to be unpaid.

I am a school teacher and have coached students at soccer matches with another school during school hours. Does this qualify?

If this activity is performed during school hours, it is not eligible. However, if the extracurricular activity happens after school hours or on a weekend and you are not paid for the out-of-school time, you may claim the credit if the total hours of unpaid coaching are more than 10 hours.

I am a school teacher, and I coach (unpaid) a dance club composed of students from different schools on weekends. Does this qualify?

You may claim the credit if:

  • The students are Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from a qualifying school
  • You are not paid to coach the students, and
  • The total hours of coaching are more than 10 hours

I was a school teacher but I retired in the year. Can I still claim the credit?

You may still claim the credit in the year of retirement if you met all other conditions before you retired (and you are a B.C. resident on December 31). 

Do unpaid coaching hours incurred in January and February 2015 prior to the Budget date count?

Yes, the credit is effective January 1, 2015.