B.C. Back-to-School Income Tax Credit Frequently Asked Questions

The following information will help answer your questions about the B.C. back-to-school tax credit.

Do I need to keep receipts to claim the credit?

No. Receipts aren't required to claim the credit.

Can I claim the credit if my child is home schooled or in private school?

Yes. You can claim the credit if the child is aged 4 to 16 at the beginning of the year.

Can both my spouse and I claim the credit for our child?

No. The credit is limited to one amount per child. If you claim the amount for your child, no other person may claim the amount. If you and your spouse claim the credit for your child, we may disallow the credit for both you and your spouse.

Can I claim the credit if my former spouse and I share custody of our child?

It depends. You can claim the credit for your child so long as your former spouse does not claim the credit for the same child.