Taxpayer Fairness & Service Code

The Taxpayer Fairness and Service Code sets out the ministry’s fairness and service values, and affirms taxpayers’ rights to courtesy, respect, confidentiality, fair treatment, help, information, dispute resolution and timely appeals.

The Taxpayer Fairness and Service Code is updated to ensure it continues to provide for taxpayers’ rights to ensure the ministry is meeting customers’ needs through fair and efficient tax administration.

We believe this code strengthens our relationship with British Columbians – a relationship based on mutual respect, fairness and cooperation.

Dispute Resolution

If you disagree with an action or decision the ministry has taken, feel you’ve been treated unfairly, or have received information which you believe is incorrect, we want to hear about it and resolve the matter.

We encourage you to first discuss any concerns that you may have with the ministry person you’ve been dealing with.

If you’re still dissatisfied, you can raise the issue with any level of management within the ministry. Ask the person with whom you’ve been dealing to give you the name and number of their manager. You can also get ministry contact information from the B.C. Government Directory or call 1 877 388-4440 for help.

The person with whom you have been working can also help explain other dispute resolution options that may be available to you. For example, you may also have the right to resolve your dispute by filing a written appeal.

Where provided by law, an appeal is available to formally resolve a situation where you disagree with an action the ministry has taken or a decision the ministry has made. For example, under the provisions of certain tax acts, if you disagree with an assessment or a disallowed refund claim, you can appeal the decision directly to the minister and, if still dissatisfied, appeal to the courts. The law imposes time limits on appeal submissions.

In addition you can give feedback on our service in the following ways:

General Feedback

Mailing Address:
Taxpayer Fairness and Service Code Feedback

Customer Care Centre

If you have concerns about the service provided by Revenue Services of British Columbia, please contact the Ministry of Finance's Customer Care Centre:

Toll free within Canada: 1 877 356-3456
Fax: 250-356-1706 

Mailing Address:
Customer Care Centre 

B.C. Ombudsperson

If you’re still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with us, and/or you feel that you have been treated unfairly, the B.C. Ombudsperson may be able to help. Call toll free at 1 800 567-3247 or refer to the website