Non-Resident Licences

Beginning in hunting licence year 2018/19, non-resident and non-resident alien hunters must hold an unrestricted hunting licence to hunt small game unaccompanied. To obtain an unrestricted non-resident/non-resident alien hunting licence, you must show proof of successful completion of hunter safety training.

You can prove successful completion of hunter safety training when registering for your Fish & Wildlife ID in B.C. Hunting Online and applying for your hunting credential. You have the option to upload a copy of your hunter safety training certificate or take your documentation to a FrontCounter BC or Service BC office.

If you do not obtain a hunting credential, you will only be eligible to apply for a restricted non-resident/non-resident alien hunting licence and you must be accompanied by a guide outfitter, assistant guide outfitter or a holder of a permit to accompany non-residents or non-resident aliens when hunting small game.

Please note: non-resident and non-resident alien hunters are required to be accompanied by a guide outfitter, assistant guide outfitter or a holder of a permit to accompany non-residents or non-resident aliens at all times when hunting big game, regardless if the non-resident or non-resident alien hunter has a restricted or unrestricted hunting licence.

Non-Resident Hunting Licences & Fees

The following hunting licences are available to non-residents and non-resident aliens.

A non-resident is a person who is not a resident of British Columbia but who is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, or whose primary residence is elsewhere in Canada and has resided in Canada for the preceding 12 months.

A non-resident alien is a person who is neither a B.C. resident nor a non-resident.

Prices are subject to change. 5% GST is not included in the prices listed below.

Hunting Licence Fees



HCTF Surcharge

Hunting Licence issued:

A non-resident - Restricted (must always be accompanied by a guide outfitter or a holder of a permit to accompany)



A non-resident - Unrestricted (required to hunt small game unaccompanied)

$53 $22

A non-resident alien - Restricted (must always be accompanied by a guide outfitter or a holder of a permit to accompany)



A non-resident alien - Unrestricted (required to hunt small game unaccompanied)

$126 $54

A non-resident applicant for a youth licence



A person to hunt in the Gulf Islands special hunting area (not required if accompanied by a licenced guide)



A person to hunt in the Fraser Valley special area



Species Licences

Species licences bought online will be mailed to you and are subject to Canada Post delivery times. You may qualify for a replacement free of charge if you attend a Service BC or FrontCounter BC office between 15 to 30 business days from the purchase date to report that you have not received your licences in the mail.  

Please Note:  You must carry all of your species licences for the current year, including both cancelled and uncancelled species licences, while hunting.

Non-Resident and Non-Resident Alien Species Licence


HCTF Surcharge




Black bear





















Mountain Goat



Mountain Sheep



Mule Deer



Haida Gwaii Deer



Upland Game Birds



White-tailed Deer









The Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit is a federal government permit. It's available for purchase online, through Canada Post Offices and some independent vendors.

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Licences

If your uncancelled species licence is lost, stolen or destroyed and you have not harvested an animal under that species licence, you qualify for a replacement. Replacement of species licences are only available in-person at FrontCounter BC and Service BC offices.

To obtain a replacement, you must provide to the government agent the number of the species licence that was lost, stolen or destroyed if the species bag limit is greater than one and you have more than one licence for that species.

Replacement of Species Licences



All species licence replacements


Youth Licence

The youth hunting licence is available for youth aged 10 to 17 years, inclusive.

The youth hunting licence can be purchased via BC Hunting Online or at any Service BC, FrontCounter BC or participating vendor locations. The licence costs $7.00.

A parent or legal guardian must purchase, as well as hold, the youth hunting licence on behalf of the youth. To purchase the youth hunting licence, the parent or the guardian must sign a Written Undertaking, confirming that the parent or guardian will be fully responsible for the actions of his or her child or ward while the child or ward is hunting or carrying a firearm in B.C. The form must be submitted with the application for hunting licences. A hunting licence cannot be issued to a youth without this form.

Supervising Hunter for a Youth Hunter

Youth who participate in hunting in B.C. must be accompanied by, and under the close personal supervision of, an adult 18 years or age or older, who holds a hunting licence (unless exempted) and meets the qualifications as a supervising hunter.

A supervising hunter must be 18 years of age or older, hold a hunting licence (other than an initiation hunting licence) or be exempted from holding a hunting licence, and meet the prescribed qualifications.

The prescribed qualifications to be a supervising hunter are:

(a) If the person is a resident, the person must hold a FWID and resident hunting credentials (unless exempted)

(b) If the person is a non-resident or non-resident alien, the person must have passed a hunter safety training course anywhere in Canada or the USA

(c) The person must have held a hunting licence in B.C. (other than an initiation hunting licence) or a licence to hunt elsewhere in not fewer than three of any of the licence years preceding the current licence year (or be exempted from holding a licence)

(d) If the person is registered under the Indian Act (Canada) and residing in B.C., items (a) to (c) do not apply and the person must have received training in hunting and previously hunted lawfully without supervision

(e) The person must not be prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm

If the youth, on whose behalf a youth hunting licence has been issued, is hunting with a licenced guide, items (a) to (c) of the prescribed qualifications do not apply to the supervising hunter.

The supervising hunter may accompany no more than:

  • Two youth hunting licence holders at one time
  • One youth and one initiation licence holder at one time
  • Two initiation hunting licence holders at one time

Bag Limits

The holder of the youth licence does not have an individual bag limit for game.

Individual species licences may not be purchased under the youth hunting licence. The supervising hunter must hold the appropriate uncancelled species licence for any species that is hunted. Any game harvested by a youth must be accounted for and is part of the bag limit of the supervising hunter.

If the youth, on whose behalf a youth hunting licence has been issued, is hunting with a licenced guide, the youth is allowed their own bag limits for small game only.


It is important to review the licences to ensure they are correct prior to completing your purchase. Licences are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Refund requests must be received in writing and the licences requested for a refund must be forwarded for review to the Fish and Wildlife Branch:

4th Floor, 2975 Jutland Road
Victoria BC
V8T 5J9

Refunds will not be issued if you bought a licence and did not use it, or you bought the wrong species licence.

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions. For instructions on how to apply for licences please refer to the Quick Reference Guides.