Non-Resident Hunter Credentials

A non-resident or non-resident alien credential is required when you register for your Fish & Wildlife ID. The type of residency credential determines what type of licence you may qualify for and associated fees. Following are the requirements for obtaining a non-resident or non-resident alien credential:

Non-resident credential

Supporting documentation accepted to obtain a non-resident credential include:

  • Birth certificate issued by a province or territory of Canada
  • Canadian passport
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Citizenship card
  • Canadian Permanent Resident card
  • Record of Landing issued by the Government of Canada

The following documentation is accepted if the issue date is at least twelve months prior to the date of the application:

  • Driver’s licence
  • A picture ID
  • A health care card

The above documentation must be issued by the government of a province or territory of Canada.

Non-resident alien credential

To obtain a non-resident alien hunting credential, you must prove that you are 10 years of age or older by providing one of the following acceptable documents:

  • Driver’s licence issued by a Canadian or international jurisdiction
  • B.C. Services Card
  • B.C. Driver’s Licence and B.C. Services Card combination card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident card
  • Citizenship card or Canadian Citizenship Certificate issued after February 2012
  • Student IDs containing full legal name
  • Employee IDs containing full legal name
  • Photo ID card issued by the government of a province or territory of Canada, or the government of an international jurisdiction
  • Military ID issued by the government of Canada
  • Possession and Acquisition Licence
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status card
  • Status Card
  • Nexus Card

Hunter Credential

In order to obtain a hunter credential and be eligible for an unrestricted non-resident or non-resident alien hunting licence, you will need to prove successful completion of hunter safety training. 

Proof of hunter safety training includes:

  • Conservation & Outdoor Recreation Education certificate
  • A confirmation letter from the B.C. Wildlife Federation or the Wildlife and Habitat Branch
  • A document issued by a territory or province of Canada, other than British Columbia, or a government of an international jurisdiction evidencing successful completion of a hunter safety training course

For more information, please see Non-Resident Licences and Frequently Asked Questions.