Harvest Questionnaire FAQ

The ‘harvest questionnaire’ is a questionnaire that is mailed to resident hunters each year and involves two surveys combined on one survey form. Those two surveys are: (1) the limited entry hunting (LEH) survey; and (2) the hunter sample survey.

The LEH survey is used to determine hunters’ LEH hunting harvest and effort activities for all bison, elk, moose and mule deer LEH hunts.

The hunter sample survey is used to determine hunters’ combined general open season (GOS) and LEH harvest and effort activities for a variety of game species. Estimates of harvest and effort are generated for each wildlife management unit (WMU) and include combined LEH and GOS hunting (i.e. estimates of all hunting activities within each WMU for each species).

The list of survey species appearing on a hunter’s harvest questionnaire is determined by the hunting licences that a hunter has purchased, plus their success in the LEH draw.

The Ministry will mail any hunter who was successful in the LEH draw for bison, elk, moose or mule deer, a harvest questionnaire asking them about their LEH hunting activities for one or more of these species (e.g. if you received a bison and moose LEH authorization, you should receive a questionnaire for both species).

Any hunter who purchased a hunting licence is entered into the hunting licence pool and could be randomly selected to receive a harvest questionnaire for game bird, mule deer or wolf. Any hunter who purchased a species licence – other than mule deer – is entered into the species licence pool and could be randomly selected to receive a harvest questionnaire for black bear, caribou, cougar, elk, grizzly bear, moose, mountain goat, mountain sheep or white-tailed deer.


I didn't hunt mule deer. Why did I get a mule deer survey?

Mule deer hunters are selected to receive a survey from the hunting licence pool because a large proportion of hunters who purchase hunting licences are also mule deer hunters. This means that some hunters will be sent a mule deer survey even though they did not purchase a mule deer species licence.

Yes. It is important for hunters to complete and return the entire questionnaire (all survey questions for each species), regardless of whether they hunted any or all of the species included on their questionnaire. Completely filling out and returning the questionnaire (regardless of whether a hunter ‘did’ or ‘did not’ hunt), provides essential data that's required to make better wildlife management decisions.

If you received a LEH authorization for bison, elk, moose or mule deer, the ministry will mail you a questionnaire. Also, if you purchased a hunting or species licence, it is likely the ministry will mail you a questionnaire. If you didn't receive a questionnaire for these hunts it is either because you did not receive an LEH authorization, were not randomly selected or because the ministry does not have your correct address. Each year the ministry sends a considerable number of harvest questionnaires to incorrect addresses because hunters have not maintained their current address with the Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch. Keeping your address current will ensure that you receive your harvest questionnaire.

To change your address, please:

  1. Log onto your Fish and Wildlife profile using the BC Hunting Online service from www.gov.bc.ca/hunting.
  2. Call FrontCounter BC at 1-877-855-3222.
  3. Visit your local ServiceBC Centre or FrontCounter BC office.


The Fish and Wildlife branch also collects hunter harvest information though the compulsory inspection, compulsory reporting and guide reporting programs. The combination of these three data sources, plus survey harvest and effort estimates, support a variety of wildlife management decisions in British Columbia.