Hunting Licences

Hunting licences in the province of British Columbia are electronic. You can buy your licences online, or in person at a FrontCounter BC officer or a vendor location.

When you buy a licence, the licence information is associated to your online Fish and Wildlife profile. Only species licences are paper-based. Non-species licences don't have a paper version.

Conservation Officers can access your Fish and Wildlife profile on their mobile devices or in-car computers, allowing them to view your credentials, licences, permit to accompany a non-resident or non-resident alien to hunt big game and limited entry hunting authorizations. Your species licence also has a barcode that can be scanned, allowing the conservation officer to verify if the licence is valid.

Species Licences

  • Each species licence has a barcode that is linked to your Fish and Wildlife profile.
  • You must carry all of your species licences for the applicable year, including both cancelled and uncancelled species licences, while hunting.
  • Your Fish and Wildlife ID must appear on your species licence.
  • You must notch your species licence to cancel it as soon as you harvest an animal.
  • If you buy your species licence online, they will be mailed to you and are subject to Canada Post standard delivery times. Please note licences will only be mailed within Canada. If between 15 to 30 business days from the purchase date, you have not received your licences in the mail, you may qualify for a free replacement licence by contacting FrontCounter BC.
  • You cannot buy a species licence online and pick it up in-person. If you want to hunt within a few days, you have the option to buy your species licences at a vendor where you will receive your licences immediately.
  • Some species licences require a two-day waiting period before they can be used. The 2-day waiting period begins at 12:01 am the day AFTER you buy your licence. For example, if you buy a licence at 10:00 am on November 1, the two-day waiting period ends at 12:01 am on November 4.

Your licences will be visible on your Fish and Wildlife profile. If you buy your licences at a vendor, you’ll be given a receipt that will include each licence you bought, and the licence number. If you buy online, you can print or view your receipt at any time. You don’t need to carry this receipt when you’re hunting, but it’s proof that you have bought licences.

For more information on hunting licences and how to apply please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Reference Guides.