About BC Hunting Online Service

The BC Hunting online service is designed to improve the efficiency of services for hunters. Currently, BC Hunting Online supports the following applications: Fish & Wildlife ID, residency and hunting credentials, all provincial hunting licences (resident, non-resident, non-resident alien, initiation, youth, Fraser Valley and Gulf Islands Special areas, upland game bird and all species), limited entry hunting, guide outfitter licence and permit to accompany a non-resident or non-resident alien to hunt big game.

Applications for other fish and wildlife licences, permits and authorizations continue to be processed through virtual FrontCounter and Freshwater Fishing.

You may need to update your browser to a compatible version listed below prior to submitting an application and attempting to pay online for your purchase.

List of compatible browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 or greater
  • Mozilla Firefox  27-33 or greater
  • Google Chrome 30-32 or greater
  • Apple Safari OS X 10.9 or greater
  • Apple Safari Mobile 5 and 6 or greater

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