Provincial Trail Strategy

In 2013, the BC Government adopted the Trails Strategy for British Columbia which provides the framework, principles, and guidance necessary to develop a world class trails system for BC.

A key implementation component identified in the strategy is to establish a Provincial Trails Advisory Body (PTAB) to provide advice on the implementation of the Trails Strategy. 

In 2015, the PTAB was formed and made up of ministry representatives from:

  • Environment and Climate Change Strategy
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Tourism, Arts and Culture 
  • Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

In partnership with the:

  • Outdoor Recreation Council of BC
  • BC Wildlife Federation
  • BC Recreation and Parks Association
  • Wilderness Tourism Association
  • Public recreation advocates

The specific role of the PTAB is

  • To assist government in ensuring that implementation is consistent with the intent of the strategy
  • Advise government of any recommended improvements to the Trails Strategy such as a periodic formal review
  • Provide a collaborative forum for the many trails organizations and interests to help ensure that the Trails Strategy continues to meet the needs of all trail users.

Trails Strategy for BC Review

RSTBC and PTAB began a formal review of the Trails Strategy for BC in 2019. The review is meant to ensure the continued relevance and importance of the Trails Strategy to recreationists, communities, First Nations, tourism proponents and the province as a whole. 

The review began by engaging key outdoor recreation stakeholders and government. Following targeted engagement, broad public input was solicited through an online survey. The broad public input phase completed on February 28, 2020. Results of the public survey are now available in the "What We Heard” report.

Final recommendations will be complete by late Fall 2020.