Organizing Events at Recreation Sites & Trails

Generally, group activities or events of an exclusive nature require authorization from Recreation Sites and Trails BC. Examples of these may include:

  • Orienteering competitions
  • Cross-country running or skiing races
  • Biathlon competitions
  • Wind surfing competitions
  • Kayaking competitions
  • Mountain bike competitions
  • Fishing derbies

Getting Started

If you wish to plan this type of activity, please use the Contact Us form to request further information from the Recreation District where the event is proposed.

Conditions & Restrictions

If your planned activity is likely to have an impact on other public recreation users, biological and recreation resources, or site or trail structures, then it may be prohibited or approved with specific conditions.

Activities likely to be prohibited or restricted include those that:

  • Contravene any provincial laws
  • Contravene the management objectives of the site or trail
  • Exclude the general public from a site or trail
  • Include commercial activity or the sale of alcohol
  • Could make it more difficult to provide safe, sanitary, socially acceptable and environmentally sound recreation opportunities
  • Are likely to be offensive to a segment of the population
  • Could have a significant negative impact on adjacent landowners or businesses
  • Could damage recreation or biological resources
  • Exceed the reasonable carrying capacity of the area

Also see general rules for recreation site use on the Responsible Site & Trail Use page.