Legislative Authority

Authority for managing British Columbia’s recreation sites and trails is outlined in the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA), sections 56, 57, and 58 and the Forest Recreation Regulation.

Section 56     Interpretive Forest Sites, Recreation Sites and Recreation Trails

Section 56 enables the Minister to establish, vary the boundaries, or disestablish interpretive forest sites, recreation sites and recreation trails on Crown land. It also allows the Minister to establish objectives for interpretive forest sites, recreation sites and recreation trails provided they are consistent with any land-use objectives set by government for the area.

Before Jan 1, 2018, Section 56 orders were publicly announced in the BC Provincial Gazette. Ministerial Orders are now publicly announced and available digitally through the BC Laws website

Section 57     Unauthorized Trail or Facility Construction

Section 57 prohibits the construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of unauthorized trails or other recreation facilities on Crown land.

Section 58     Protection of Recreation and Range Resources on Crown Land

Section 58 prescribes measures to protect recreation and range resources on Crown land. The Minister can, by order, restrict or prohibit recreational use on Crown land if deemed necessary to protect recreation or range resources. The Minister can also restrict or prohibit the non-recreational use of areas designated for recreation, including resource management zones, landscape units, sensitive areas, and interpretive forest sites, recreation sites and recreation trails.

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Forest Recreation Regulation

The Forest Recreation Regulation sets out procedures for establishing recreation orders to restrict or regulate public recreation use on Crown land to protect range or recreation resources, or to manage conflicting recreation uses. It also outlines the procedures an applicant must follow for submitting a proposal to construct, rehabilitate or maintain an authorized trail or recreation facility for public use.

The regulation also details rules for the use of recreation sites, recreation trails and interpretive forest sites, describes provisions for recreation site and trail fees, and specifies enforcement actions for non-compliance with the recreation components of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA).

Authorizing maintenance and development

Recreation maintenance and development activities may occur only at recreation sites and trails established under Section 56 or at trails and recreation facilities authorized under Section 57 of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA).

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