Aug 31, 2016 - B.C. Developing New Standards for “Chase the Ace” Lottery Scheme

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) is actively developing standards to allow for a variation of Chase the Ace style draws in British Columbia.

GPEB has heard from members of the public and organizations that there is interest in holding these draws in B.C., following media reports of similar style draws occurring elsewhere in Canada.

Currently, Chase the Ace draws are not eligible to be licensed in B.C. because they do not meet the requirements of B.C.'s Standard Procedures for Ticket Raffles. These standard procedures are in place to ensure raffles are conducted lawfully and with integrity, and to protect the raffle licensee and raffle participants.

An estimated timeline for completion of the new standards is not available at this time. GPEB is carrying out in-depth research and analysis of Chase the Ace to protect the integrity of gaming in B.C.

Please note that the structure for Chase the Ace draws in B.C. may not be exactly as it is in other jurisdictions.

To view the complete Standard Procedures for Ticket Raffles online, please see: