Multiculturalism Grants

Multiculturalism Grants support cultural expression and anti-racism programs/projects that raise awareness about or enhance B.C.'s multicultural identity. This page includes information about these grants, including: eligibility, grant amounts, application periods, how to apply, online application resources (FAQs etc.) and more.

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Multiculturalism grants are offered by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and are administered through the gaming grant program. These grants are separate from community gaming grants. Eligible organizations may apply in both of the Multiculturalism Grant sectors and may also apply for a community gaming grant — all in the same year.

Eligibility Non-profit societies and community-based organizations (including ad hoc committees, coalitions, umbrella organizations, associations and centres) that:
  • Recognize that cultural diversity enriches the lives of all British Columbians
  • Encourage respect for the multicultural heritage of British Columbia and/or
  • Promote racial harmony, cross cultural understanding and respect
Grant Amount Maximum $5,000 per organization.

Any project applications that seek Multiculturalism Grant funding in excess of $5,000 will not be considered for a grant.
Application An organization may apply under both Multiculturalism Grant sectors, but must submit a separate application for each.
Application Period Cultural Expression Sector
Anti-Racism Sector

Information about 2018/2019 Multiculturalism Grant opportunities will be available later this year.

Note: Information from last year's grants process is provided here for general purposes only
Processing Fee None
Processing Time Applicants will be notified by the appropriate 'final notification date' (see above).

How to Apply

Click below to see information about each step of the Multiculturalism Grant application process. Click "expand all" if you want to see all of the steps or if you want to print this page.

Confirm that your organization is eligible to apply for a Multiculturalism Grant, and learn more about the grant by reading the following important document:

Make sure you're applying in the appropriate sector and at the appropriate time. See the "Application Period" information in the Overview section at the top of this page.

Completing an application may take some time. We suggest planning for 30 to 60 minutes. With the online application system you cannot save your work and return to it later. To get through your application as efficiently as possible, please prepare before you start by reviewing the following pre-application information.

Pre-application checklist:
The document below is intended to help you gather the correct information before you start your online application.

Example documents:
The documents below are examples of financial documents that you may be asked to provide during your online application. These types of documents are referenced in the pre-application checklists.

Frequently asked questions:
This document includes commonly asked questions about using the online service website to apply for a grant.

Online application
We recommend you submit your application online. Go to the Online Service page to start your online application (look for the "Apply Online" link).

Alternative option: Mail-in application
Under specific circumstances we may accept a mail-in application. In the event that a mail-in application is required, please contact to request a PDF version of the form at least 3 working days before the application closing date.

NOTE: Faxed or emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

Applicants will be notified by the final notification date. (see the Overview section at the top of this page).

Applications that are denied are not eligible for reconsideration. The decision by the Ministry of Toursim, Arts and Culture will be made based on the information submitted with the original application and is final.


Additional information, documents, and forms related to Multiculturalism Grants are available in this section. Click below to see more information about these resources. Click "expand all" if you want to see all of the information or if you want to print this page.

See the How to Apply section above for a variety of online application resources including: pre-application checklists; example documents; and frequently asked questions.

This document provides important information about Multiculturalism Grants.

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