Email Tips

If you applied for a gaming grant or gambling event licence, or if you are planning to, the following tips can help you avoid common email pitfalls that may prevent you from receiving important messages about your gaming grant applications or special approval requests.

Email Tip #1 - Allow messages from our online service email addresses

Make sure that your email program or email service is set up to allow messages from the following email addresses:


Most email programs and services have an "allowed senders" list. Check your program's help resources for information on how to adjust this list.

Email Tip #2 - Check your junk/spam folders

Check your junk mail and spam mail folders in your email program or service for messages from the the email addresses mentioned in Tip #1 above.

Your email program or service might automatically place messages from our online service system into one of these folders instead of your inbox. To reduce the chances of this happening, see Tip #1 above.


If you have questions or concerns about receiving email messages related to your applications or special approval requests, please get in touch with us using the information on the Contact Us page.