Creative BC

Creative BC is an independent non-profit society formed in 2013 to support the province’s film, television, music, interactive digital media as well as book and magazine publishing industries. Creative BC works collaboratively with industry and its government partners to encourage higher levels of production, job creation and investment across all sectors of B.C.’s creative economy.

Over the past three years, the Government of British Columbia has provided Creative BC with approximately $2 million in annual funding to support the creative sector.

British Columbia hosts one of the largest film/television labour forces in Canada with eight major studios, more than two million square feet of studio space, diverse filming locations, and the benefits of a shared time zone with Los Angeles.

The motion picture industry spends approximately $2 billion per year on production activity in the province, supporting an estimated 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Studios specializing in post-production, animation and visual effects for film and television continue to flourish in British Columbia, accounting for more than $300 million in labour expenditures for the last two years within the province.

Part of B.C.’s much larger technology sector, the digital media industry includes video games development, animation and visual effects, social media, interactive marketing and e-learning. B.C. is one of the top video game hubs in Canada and the province continues to attract the top global animation and visual effects companies, as it has developed a world-wide reputation for producing quality, cost-effective work.

According to the 2014 BC Technology Report Card, B.C.’s digital media industry generates $3 billion in revenue.  Across the sub-sector, the province hosts 1,150 companies employing 16,500 workers in jobs that are generally higher paying and requiring specialized training and skills. While the industry includes large international players, most digital media companies in B.C. are actually small, privately owned businesses.