Wildfire Prevention

Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility. It includes preventing wildfires, FireSmart, and pro-active fuel management across the landbase.

For your Home & Community

As homeowners we can take simple steps to reduce the impact of wildfire on our property and in our communities.

For the Outdoor Recreationalist

Prevention means stopping wildfires before they start. Discarded cigarette butts, campfires, hot exhaust pipes coming into contact with dry grass and vegetation, power tools (such as chainsaws), Tiki torches and even discarded glass can all ignite a wildfire.

For Industry & Commercial Operators

Industry and commercial operators in British Columbia have, under the Wildfire Act  (Act) and Wildfire Regulation, legal obligations and responsibilities with respect to fire use, prevention, control, and rehabilitation. 

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning, is one of a number of fuel management tools and techniques that can be used to help reduce the intensity of naturally occurring wildfires while returning an integral process to the ecosystem.

Fire & Fuel Management

Fire and fuel management is a holistic approach that incorporates integrated land management, in which fire regimes and effects, values at risk, and multiple resource use activities are considered. These include fuel management treatments to achieve a stated reduction in wildfire risk or other objective.