Intersection Safety Cameras

Most crashes in British Columbia happen at intersections. To reduce injuries and save lives, B.C. installs intersection safety cameras—sometimes called red light cameras—at intersections where crashes occur frequently.

Warning signs let drivers know the intersection has cameras. Stopping for red lights and observing the posted speed limit help to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities.

Violation tickets are issued to a vehicle's registered owner. The owner may not have been the driver when the red light violation took place. Even so, they are responsible for paying or disputing the ticket.

Speed Cameras Now Operating: B.C. has turned on speed cameras to ticket the registered owners of vehicles entering identified intersections over the posted limit on a red, yellow or green light. Learn more.

Lost Your Ticket?

If you've lost your ticket (or you believe the ticket you received belongs to someone else), call the Intersection Safety Camera Program.