Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be committed in many forms.

All forms of violence can have a serious negative impact on a victims health and well-being.

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Women are predominantly at risk of violence. It happens in all cultural, religious, ethnic and racial communities, at every age, income group and social class. However, those who experience various oppressions and lack the most options are more vulnerable to ongoing experiences of violence and abuse. For example:

  • Women with disabilities;
  • Women living in poverty or who are homeless;
  • Immigrant and refugee women;
  • Aboriginal women;
  • Women of colour;
  • Senior women and young women;
  • Women living in rural or remote settings;
  • Pregnant women.

No culture condones violence. Although there may be different religious and cultural interpretations of men’s power over women, anyone who claims violence is ‘normal’ in a particular culture is misrepresenting it.

Types of Violence



Punching, kicking, choking, mutilation, or murder

Verbal or Psychological

Threats, insults, destroying valuables, isolation, hurting pets


Persistent and unwanted attention, following or spying, monitoring email


Taking away a person's money or income, not allowing a person to work