Level One Emergency Support Service Training

A Level One emergency is a local event that can be managed using a small number of resources.

If your Emergency Support Services (ESS) team is asked to provide Level One ESS, response may include providing the same emergency social services that are available in large emergencies, including setting-up and operating reception centres and group lodging.

Contact either your local Emergency Program Coordinator or ESS Director for more information on the Level One ESS program in your community.

Your ESS Director or Emergency Program Coordinator will determine, based on local requirements, the services that are part of a Level One ESS response.

For more information about Level One ESS in your community, contact your ESS Director or Emergency Program Coordinator.

ESS Level One Training

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) course Level One Emergency Support Services provides Level One basic training to ESS volunteers. Course topics include:

  • ESS response levels;
  • Level One responsibilities;
  • Preparing to respond and call out procedures;
  • Providing service; and
  • Worker self-care.

The course is free and is offered online and by correspondence.

For more information about emergency support services training, please see the JIBC’s Emergency Support Services web pages.