Emergency Support Services Training

The Emergency Support Services (ESS) program helps people affected by large emergencies. It may also assist in disasters affecting a few members of a community, such as house fires or floods.

The ESS Program relies on trained members of a community to meet the needs of people in an emergency. Most communities have an ESS team that works with local businesses to share resources during a crisis. Preparing for an emergency depends on the energy, creativity, commitment and dedication of volunteers.

How You Can Help

Your community needs your help to prepare for emergencies. As a trained ESS Program responder, you will:

  • Inform community businesses about the program;
  • Recruit and train other volunteers;
  • Create and maintain contact lists;
  • Inform the public of help available following a disaster; and
  • Set-up and operate reception centres and group lodging facilities.

Volunteering offers you an opportunity to help others when your help is needed most. Consider becoming an ESS Program responder if you:

  • Enjoy helping people;
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Can respond on short notice;
  • Work well in a team;
  • Are in good health; and
  • Like adventure.

ESS responders are trained by the Justice Institute of British Columbia and receive WorkSafeBC and liability insurance coverage through Emergency Management BC.