Emergency Support Services Level One Publications


A Level One emergency is a local event that can be managed using a smaller number of resources.

The Level One Emergency Support Services (ESS) Supervisor Guidelines (PDF) offers:

  • An overview of a supervisor’s responsibilities;
  • Suggested training and experience for the position; and
  • A list of aids.

You are free to change the guidelines to meet the emergency planning needs of your community.

Other Level One Publications

The Sample Interview Questions for Potential ESS Volunteers (PDF) helps determine if a person is capable of being a Level One responder.

Emergency Support Services Level One Kit (PDF) suggests contents for kits that could be carried by Level One responders.

Responders can use the resource list (PDF) to record accommodation, food, clothing and community resources available to evacuees in a community affected by a Level One emergency.

Important Telephone Numbers (PDF) shows a list of telephone numbers responders should record in a Level One emergency.