Emergency Operations Mobile Support Teams

When a community is overwhelmed by an emergency, and needs help delivering Emergency Support Services (ESS), it may require assistance from Emergency Management BC (EMBC). In this case, the community’s Emergency Program Coordinator (EPC) or ESS Director will ask EMBC’s Regional Manager or the Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre to send a Mobile Support Team (MST) to train, mentor and support local volunteers.

About Mobile Support Teams

Mobile Support Teams are composed of experienced and highly trained ESS volunteers who travel at short notice to communities that request ESS assistance. Each of EMBC’s six regions has a team; except for the northwest and northeast regions—which share one.

EMBC pays the cost of training the Mobile Support Teams and also covers travel and accommodation expenses during a response.

Qualifying for a Mobile Support Team

To qualify for a Mobile Support Team, you must have:

You must also:

  • Be willing to leave your community within 24 hours of being assigned to an emergency;
  • Be able to stay on assignment for at least seven days;
  • Have your employer’s consent to join a Mobile Support Team. (Note: You must determine with your employer whether or not you will be paid when you are called to an emergency.)
  • Have the support of your supervisor on a disaster relief organization plus one other person;
  • Provide a current criminal record check;
  • Be willing to take any emergency support service position; and
  • Commit to being part of the Mobile Support Team for at least two years.

For more information, contact your regional EMBC Office or the ESS Office.