Day Two: What's for Dinner?

Hopefully not my brain.

Still no sign of zombies in my neighbourhood. No sign of anyone – it’s like a ghost town.

I’m eating perishable food out of the fridge first (won’t last long with the power out), but may have to break into my emergency kit later today or tomorrow.

Thank goodness I pulled a kit together. Some of the things I included are:

  • Food (a minimum three-day supply of items like canned soup, beans and veggies), manual can-opener and bottled water (four litres per person per day).
  • Battery-operated flashlight and battery-operated radio.
  • Spare batteries (one can never have too many batteries).
  • First aid kit.
  • Extra car/house keys and cash.
  • Personal hygiene items and medications.
  • Seasonal clothing.
  • Phone charger

I’m still monitoring radio reports and Emergency Info BC on Twitter.

As a precaution, my local government has issued an evacuation alert. I’m also carefully reviewing my emergency plan (PDF, 1.9MB) in case an evacuation order is ultimately issued. It outlines safe exits from my neighbourhood, the location of my local emergency shelter, out-of-province contact numbers and a designated place to reunite with family. Have to admit, having a plan has eased my stress. I’ll know exactly what to do when – or if – the time comes.

Published 2012