Day One: Outbreak

7:00 am: Exposure

Just got up and flicked on the TV. Every channel is reporting the outbreak of an aggressive flu. Early symptoms of exposure are a cough, fever and disorientation. People are being asked to call in sick and shelter-in-place to help stop the virus from spreading.

I feel great, but hey, a day off works for me!

Noon: Infection

Okay, this sounds a titch worse than the flu. Hospitals are bursting with people who’ve been infected and there are strange, but still unconfirmed, reports of violent outbreaks.

Emergency officials are urging people to stay home and await further instructions. No argument here. Will continue monitoring broadcast media reports and the Emergency Info BC Twitter feed and blog.

3:00 pm: Epidemic

Unbelievable. Media have confirmed the infected are attacking healthy people. The final symptom of infection? Overwhelming need to eat brains. Typical human behaviour is now completely absent.

5:00 pm: Power & Phone Lines Cut

No power, no land line.

So I guess that’s it. I’m officially on my own. But I’m not going to panic. I’m going to stay cool, calm and collected. I’m prepared, and will live to tell the tale.

I’ve pulled a battery-operated radio out of my emergency kit, so I can keep monitoring instructions from local government and emergency officials. So far, word is to stay put.

Cell phones are still operational, but digital traffic is heavy. Thankfully text messaging is getting around the network disruption and I’m able to communicate with my mom, sister and friends across town. If necessary, I have extra batteries and a solar-powered/hand-crank charger for my lap-top and smart phone. These may be my only sources of communication for awhile.

Signing off for the night, but doubt I’ll get much sleep.

Published 2012