Day Four: Evacuation Order

I’m alive.

Two zombies made it into the house yesterday, but I managed to wallop them with my fire extinguisher, drag them outside and board up the broken window.

The evacuation alert has now been raised to an evacuation order.

At first, I was “Say what? I’m not leaving my home!” But I know the people in charge – government officials, local emergency and transportation representatives – have the best intelligence. They know what to do and my safety depends on listening to their instructions.

I’m supposed to go to the high school gym where a reception centre has been set up. Once I’ve registered there, I’ll be able to access food, shelter, clothing and emotional support, which is good because I could really use a hug right now.

Before I leave, I’m going to bring my:

I was also told to:

  • lock the doors;
  • call or e-mail my out-of-province contact so my family knows I'm fine; and
  • Leave an "okay" sign and note telling others when I left and where I am going (good thing zombies can’t read).

My car always has a half-tank of gas, so getting to the shelter won’t be a problem.

Wish me luck.

Published 2012