Partners in Preparedness: Retail Program

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Partners in Preparedness is a retail and marketing program aimed at making it easier for British Columbians to build a household emergency kit

Why should my company participate?

Joining Partners in Preparedness is a chance to show customers you care about them and the community. Your company will become recognized as a trusted source for disaster supplies, while strengthening customer loyalty and giving shoppers another reason to visit your stores.

How does my company sign up? 

Fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch. Once you’re subscribed, we’ll add your company to our participants' list. At minimum, a partner must promote the partnership and sale of emergency supplies one week of the year.

Apply for Partners in Preparedness

Who's participating? 

When should my company promote the program?

Partners in Preparedness is flexible and can be stood up or down at any time. Gain traction and build program recognition with your customers by promoting the program during cyclical hazards. Some examples are:

  • In the spring ahead of wildfire and flood seasons
  • In the fall, ahead of storm season
  • After emergency events, such as a felt earthquake
  • In connection with preparedness campaigns, such as:
    • Emergency Preparedness week (EP week): An annual national preparedness event held the first full week of every May. It encourages Canadians to take concrete steps to prepare
    • The Great British Columbia ShakeOut: An annual earthquake drill held the third Thursday of every October. Millions of people worldwide practice how to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Promotional materials

We provide a free suite of online and print marketing materials that can be used in-store, on the web and social media. Display the materials online or in-store, directing customers to what they should buy. You decide what works best for your business.

Instructions for ordering

  • Choose which of the following print marketing materials you would like customized with your corporate logo. Posters are available with an earthquake, wildfire, power outage and winter weather theme.  
  • Email with any custom size requests.
  • Partners in Preparedness will place your order and get the print materials shipped to you directly.

Sample print options 

Sample Social Media Posts

Get the word out that your organization is a Partner in Preparedness and cares about the wellbeing of your customers. Use the sample online graphics and the earthquake, flood, wildfire, power outage and severe weather caption ideas on your own channels or customize them to meet your needs.

Instructions for posting

  • Copy-and-paste the content below in a new Twitter or Facebook post
  • Attach one of the provided graphics
  • Option: add information, photos and hashtags specific to your community

We want to make it easier for you to build a household emergency kit. Drop by our stores, pick up a checklist and start shopping. #PartnersInPreparedness

Are you good and ready? We have partnered with @PreparedBC to help you prepare for an emergency. Find out what you should include in your emergency kit. #PartnersInPreparedness

When disaster strikes, there won’t be time to collect emergency supplies. We’ve partnered with @PreparedBC to help you get #GoodAndReady.

Is creating an emergency kit still on your to-do list? Let us help you cross it off. Visit us in-store to find out how you can get #GoodAndReady.

One step today puts you in a better position to recover if disaster strikes tomorrow. Take the first step and purchase emergency supplies for your kit. As a #PartnerInPreparedness we can help!

Don’t hide your emergency kit in the attic or basement; stash it in an easy to access place! We’ve partnered with @PreparedBC to help you get #GoodAndReady.


emergency kit shopping list

grab and go bag shopping list


emergency kit check list twitter

grab and go bag list twitter

Preparing for an earthquake is more than Drop, Cover Hold On. Visit us in-store to find out what supplies you need for your emergency kit!  #PartnersInPreparedness

Expect the unexpected! Following an earthquake, be prepared to be on your own for a minimum of three days to one week. Build your emergency kit today, so you and your family are #GoodAndReady

Earthquakes are common in B.C. with an average of 3,000 reported each year. The next one could be the big one. We can help you get #GoodAndReady today! #PartnersinPreparedness

Following an earthquake you may have to stay at home and be reliant on your emergency kit items. Visit us in-store to purchase non-perishable food, water and other emergency supplies to support your household for a minimum of three days to a week. #PartnersInPreparedness


emergency kit shopping list

grab and go bag shopping list


emergency kit check list twitter

grab and go bag list twitter


Severe storms in the fall and winter can cause flooding in coastal areas. We want to make it easier for you to get #GoodAndReady before disaster strikes. Visit us in-store to find out what you need to build your grab-and-go bags.

Is your home ready for #BCFlood season? Check these tasks off your list:
✔️ Create grab-and-go bags and an emergency plan
✔️ Contact your insurance agent to verify your coverage for flood
✔️ Keep valuables, important documents & family mementos in watertight containers

As a partner in preparedness we can help you get #GoodAndReady.


grab and go bag shopping list


grab and go bag list twitter

Visit us in-store to pick up grab-and-go bag supplies for each member of your household in case you have to leave quickly. Don't wait for an evacuation alert or order to get ready! #BCWildfire #PartnersinPreparedness

If a wildfire threatens your home, you may be required to evacuate on short notice. Be ready by creating grab-and-bags and putting them in an easy-to-access place. We can help you get started! #PartnersinPreparedness #BCWildfire

DYK, on average, there are more than 1,600 wildfires in British Columbia every year? Take time now to build grab-and-go bags for each member of your household so you’re not caught off guard. Pick up supplies in-store now! #PartnersinPreparedness #BCWildfire

What would you take if a wildfire forced you to evacuate? We have all the supplies for you to build grab-and-go bags in advance to help ensure nothing gets left behind. #PartnersinPreparedness


grab and go bag shopping list


grab and go bag list twitter

Don’t be left in the dark! Having your household emergency kit stocked and ready will ensure you are prepared if a power outage happens. Drop by our store, pick up a list and get started today. #PartnersinPreparedness

Power outages can happen anytime, often without warning. Make sure you have an emergency plan and emergency kit with supplies to support your household for three days to a week. We can help! #PartnersInPreparedness

During extended power outages, you may be left without light, heat and hot water. Are you prepared? Visit us to pick up a checklist and find out what should go in your emergency kit. #PartnersinPreparedness

Are you ready for #BCStorm season? Visit us in-store to gather your supplies – food, water, flashlights, blankets and batteries – in case you find yourself without power. Don’t forget your pets – they need supplies, too! #PartnersinPreparedness

Communication is key during a power outage. Make sure your household emergency kit has a battery-powered or hand-crank radio so you can track official information. We can help you get #GoodAndReady. #PartnersinPreparedness

Hey, who turned out the lights?? Power outages are common during the fall and winter months. Visit us to complete your  household emergency kit with non-perishable food, water, flashlights, a first aid kit and other essentials. #PartnersinPreparedness

Storms can be scary, but preparing for one doesn’t have to be! Visit us in store to find out how to prepare for an emergency. #PartnersinPreparedness


emergency kit shopping list

emergency kit check list twitter

In-Store Event

In-store events are temporarily on-hold due to COVID-19. 

Feature blog and video clip

Want us to feature your organization and what you are doing to promote emergency preparedness? Let us know at and we can work together on an informative blog post and video. The blog and video will be hosted on our Partners in Preparedness website. Here's an example from one of our featured retailers, Total Prepare.

Food for your emergency kit

Non-perishable food and water preparation advice from our partner Total Prepare