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Welcome to the tsunami-related multimedia resource library where you will find links to books, articles, videos and audio clips to supplement the Master of Disaster learning resources.

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Eric Walters (Author)

It's December 2004 and Sam and his parents are leaving frostbitten Ontario for a vacation in lush, sun-soaked Thailand. Over the next few days, Sam will find himself thrust into the very centre of a crisis he could never have anticipated, one that will test his instinct to survive.

Thailand (Canadian student point of view)

Escaping the Giant Wave

Peg Kehret (Author)

The worst vacation ever! Thirteen-year-old Kyle thought spending a vacation on the Oregon coast with his family would be great. Then the earthquake comes - starting a fire in their hotel! Kyle remembers the sign at the beach that said after an earthquake everyone should go uphill and inland, as far from the ocean as possible.

Oregon Coast
A Terrible Roar of Water Penny Draper (Author, part of Disaster Strikes Series)  

Murphy wants to grow up fast and be a fisherman. It's what men do in his small Newfoundland community. Then one cold day in 1929, a tsunami strikes the Burin Peninsula, destroying most of the out port and killing many people. Suddenly the twelve-year-old is doing a man's work, saving lives and caring for the people he loves.

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Tsunamis 101 National Geographic This video shows what causes tsunamis and the importance of evacuating any area under a tsunami alert. World-wide
Birth of a Tsunami PBS

Excerpt from NOVA: “Japan’s Killer Quake” program talks about how tsunamis are created. Footage from the 2011 Japan tsunami.

Ten Years After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: How geology is reducing tsunami risk USGS Lecture by Bruce Jaffe, USGS Research Oceanographer. (1 hr 5 min) No specific region
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Anatomy of a Tsunami PBS

Explore how the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was triggered, how its waves traveled thousands of kilometers and what happened once the waves reached coastlines both near and far from their source.


Once and Future Tsunamis

PBS Explore major tsunamis dating from 3.5 billion years ago, along with a hypothesized future event. World-wide
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Photo Gallery: tsunamis National Geographic A series of 10 photos from around the world depicting tsunami impacts. World-wide
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Tsunami Facts National Geographic How tsunamis form, warning signs and safety tips. World-wide