Avalanche Multimedia Resources

Welcome to the avalanche-related multimedia resource library where you will find links to books, articles, videos and audio clips to supplement the Master of Disaster learning resources. 

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Michael Woods (Author, Disasters Up Close Series) Huge sheets of snow and ice can race down a mountain at 50 miles (81 kilometers) per hour or faster. Avalanches can toss cars, snap trees, and crush buildings in their path, sometimes burying an entire village in tightly packed snow. With dramatic images and first-hand survivor stories-plus the latest facts and figures-this book shows you avalanche disasters up close. No specific region

What causes an avalanche?


150 people killed every year by this force of nature.

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Avalanches 101 National Geographic Learn the warning signs of an avalanche before it's triggered. No specific region
Land of Thundering Snow Revelstoke Museum & Archives  Explore Canada's history of snow research and avalanche safety through this virtual exhibit. Revelstoke