High Ground Hike

High Ground Hike is an annual, community-led tsunami evacuation event. These hikes help raise awareness about the tsunami risk in coastal communities, and offer residents an opportunity to practice using their designated tsunami evacuation routes.

Typically, communities gather together to hike and learn about BC’s tsunami risk. With the ongoing presence of COVID-19, we have to do things differently again this year to ensure British Columbians can participate safely. 

Presenting the second annual…

High Ground Selfie Contest!

How to Participate 

From April 12 to 18, 2021 residents of coastal communities are encouraged to practice their tsunami response by identifying high ground in their communities, then walking, running or hiking there with members of their household.

You can locate safe ground and reception areas by contacting your local government or band office for the information. If you live in a more isolated area without evacuation maps or plans, practice a route that will take you to at least 20 metres above sea level.

How to Win

When your household does the High Ground Hike, take photos along the way. When you’re done, share pics of you hiking or at high ground on Twitter or Facebook. Make sure you follow PreparedBC on Twitter and Facebook, use the hashtag #HighGroundSelfie and mention @PreparedBC. Once we see your pic containing the hashtag and @PreparedBC tag, you’ll be entered in a prize draw.

What You'll Win

If we draw your entry, you’ll win a set of premium, 72-hour grab-and-go bags. They're equipped with generous servings of food and enough emergency water, shelter and survival tools to comfortably last 3 days. Don't forget to customize your kit with personal items, such as special medications or extra eyeglasses.  Learn more about emergency supplies here

photo of a premium 4-person grab-and-go bag kit and the emergency supplies it contains.


Contest Rules

  • Contest is open to residents of B.C. only.
  • Entries are limited to one per household.
  • One winner will be selected.
  • Entry must be submitted via Facebook or Twitter.
  • All submissions must include the hashtag #HighGroundSelfie and tag @PreparedBC.
  • Winners will be contacted and asked to complete a consent form giving PreparedBC permission to disclose their name.

Be Tsunami Smart

Getting to high ground is only part of being Tsunami Smart. Learn about Tsunami warnings, earthquake safety and more on our tsunami preparedness page.

Sharable Graphics

Use the graphics below to spread the word about Tsunami Preparedness Week and the High Ground Selfie Contest! (Right-click the graphics and select the "Save As" option to save a copy of these graphics to your computer or mobile device.)