PreparedBC Public Education Programs

PreparedBC materials and resources help British Columbians understand the hazards they face and how to prepare for them by making an emergency plan and building an emergency kit. We also offer three distinct public education programs: Master of Disaster, High Ground Hike and Partners in Preparedness.

Master of Disaster: Youth Emergency Preparedness

Master of Disaster is a free youth education program that helps young people in grades 4-8 learn about the hazards in B.C. and how they can get themselves and their homes prepared. Learn more about teaching youth using the Master of Disaster program.

Master of Disaster

High Ground Hike: Tsunami Evacuation Preparedness

High Ground Hike is a community-led tsunami evacuation event. These hikes help raise awareness about tsunami risks in coastal communities and offer residents an opportunity to practice using their designated tsunami evacuation routes. Learn more about running a High Ground Hike in your community.

High Ground Hike

Partners in Preparedness: Retail Emergency Preparedness Messaging

We’re working with B.C. businesses to help shoppers prepare for potential hazards. Our retail partners use our specially-designed in-store and online advertising to promote and sell emergency supplies. The goal is to remind customers of the items they need to complete an emergency kit and give them an opportunity to act by purchasing the items they need. Learn more about becoming a retail Partner in Preparedness.

Partners in Preparedness