Floods Multimedia Resources

Flood Multimedia Resources

Welcome to the flood-related multimedia resource library where you will find links to books, articles, videos and audio clips to supplement the Master of Disaster learning resources.Click here to go back to the multimedia resource library main page.

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Safe as Houses Eric Walters (Author) The date is October 15, 1954. Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth, who lives in the Toronto suburb of Weston, is a typical grade 8 girl. It is on this October night that Hurricane Hazel roars down on Toronto, bringing torrential rains that cause extensive flooding. Toronto
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Floods 101

National Geographic In America, no other kind of natural disaster has caused more damage and destruction than floods. USA
Floods, slides as windstorms pound the Island CTV News Floods and slides occur all over Vancouver Island and Mainland as a result of severe weather. Vancouver Island
Courtenay crews fight flooding with new Aqua Dam CTV News Courtney crews fight flooding with Aqua Dam. Video discusses stores closing, power outages due to flooding and river level rise. Courtenay
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Flood and the Fraser

Fraser Basin Council Historical information including photos, maps and news about flooding and the Fraser River. Fraser River area
BBC Science: floods BBC Media library with stories,videos, animations and more. No specific region